Personalised Stylus Pens

Why not consider adding to your range of giveaway items at your next tradeshow and really impress your customers with a promotional stylus pen from National Pen

Personalised / Promotional Stylus Pens

When considering which promotional item to purchase it’s a good idea to try and select a product that’s useful as well as attractive. Obviously, the more someone uses your product, the more visibility your brand will get. Stylus pens can meet this requirement as they can be really handy for people who use touch screen devices such as iPads. They look great and while they are viewed as high value items, the good news is that National Pen can personalise stylus pens in a very affordable way. On top of that, we have a wide selection of styluses to choose from. Rest assured that our styluses are high quality promotional items and you will be proud to give them to you customers.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Personalised styluses can help make your brand stand out more than a traditional pen can. A stylus is a smart choice for whomever you are trying to market to. From corporate employees, to tech-savvy people, even to students, almost everyone these days can find a use for this modern pen. The most common personalised stylus being used as a promotional item is a combination pen. These have both stylus and ink capabilities. Pens like these, which offer multiple functions, are even more likely to be used and seen by potential clients.

When choosing between custom styluses, consider first how your prospective clients will use it. National Pen offers a wide array of styles to choose from for customised stylus pens. Namely, a different sized tip or “nib" will perform different functions. A finer tip is more likely to be used for writing or drawing. Larger tips are more for often used to ease navigation on touch screen tablets and phones. We offer styluses that can also write on paper, making them even more appealing. Our collection includes stylus pens in a variety of styles, sizes, colours, materials, and price points. We are sure you will have no problem customising the right pen for your audience.

The Stylus

What are promotional stylus pens? As touchscreen technology has become more ubiquitous, tech accessories have gained in popularity. Customised stylus pens are just one product that appeals to users of modern technology. A stylus allows users to both “write" on devices and also to point and navigate. It acts as an your hand or finger and avoids leaving smudges on the screen.

A simple stylus may not actually be used much, as it is is often easier for users to rely on their fingers. Personalised styluses, on the other hand, can provide two tools in one. Our stylus pens, for example, combine a high quality ink pen in the same carriage as a traditional stylus. So, they can be employed in a multitude of ways, making them more useful to the owner.

Who Uses Styluses?

A typical stylus pen can be used on any device with touchscreen technology. This includes phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. As most people use some form of touchscreen device daily, your potential client base is huge. Beyond the corporate employee, there are students, teachers, artists, designers, and parents who could benefit from a customised stylus. Given the high-quality nature of the stylus, it is also an appropriate choice for executive gifts, graduations, retirements, and for special clients.


Thanks to its versatile nature, the personalised stylus may just become the recipient’s go-to writing instrument. Adding extra functionality to a promotional pen increases its usefulness to your prospective client and raises its value to them. Since promotional stylus pens have more than one use in one convenient pen, recipients are more likely to hold on to them and use them. If that

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