Customise USB Flashdrives with Your Logo

Promote your Business with Personalised USBs

Personalised USB drives are a brilliant and unique way to promote your business to potential and existing customers. Not only are branded USB’s extremely useful, they are small, reusable and portable - making them the perfect promotional product for your marketing campaign. As the 2nd most effective promotional product received*, they are relatively inexpensive to customise, yet have a high perceived value by recipients. Whether used for backing up files, documents or photos, they are always really handy to have available.

Increase your Visibility

The basic design and shape of the USB lends itself to ensuring your details are very clearly displayed, giving your brand plenty of visibility. The constant advertisement aids your company’s brand awareness. Potential customers who come in contact with your USB will question what your business is about and your company will inevitably become the subject of discussion.

Double your marketing potential and brand exposure by preloading your USB with valuable content and information about your company. Whether you add your most recent brochure, price list, contact information or a company presentation, branded USBs are the ideal for implementing into your advertising and marketing strategy. This unique idea works exceptionally well for seminars, conferences and training sessions. By providing your existing/ new connections at these events with engraved USB sticks filled with materials from the event, they will not only appreciate the valuable gift, they will have a recap of everything you spoke about and more!

A Versatile Promotional Product

USB drives are not only designed for the corporate world, they are highly beneficial in the education sector for schools, colleges and universities. Orientation days, welcome events or fresher fairs are the optimal time to give students their USBs – these can contain their welcome pack, campus information, and even student vouchers! The potential for personalised USB sticks does not stop there. By adding an extra touch with a presentation box, flash drives are perfect as wedding favours and even for photographers to gift their customers with their digital images.

Our huge range of USBs ensures that you’ll find something completely unique and different if that’s something which appeals to you. Our metal USBs are laser engraved and look fantastic. We also have wooden USBs, key shaped USBs and even one which is a combination of pen, USB and stylus! One of our most popular products is our Leather Style USB.

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