Executive Pens & Pen Gift Sets

About our Executive pens

Anyone who has ever used a pen appreciates the enhanced writing experience which a high quality 'Luxury’ or Executive pen provides. These pens look elegant but feel sturdy and the ink is dispensed in a smooth and controlled way producing very consistent results on the page.

What makes a pen an Executive pen?

Classic design, aesthetic appeal, high quality materials, dependability and durability are the hallmarks of a genuine Executive pen. Executive pens are often used as corporate gifts for loyal customers but can also be used to mark important events such as retirements or birthdays or other occasions. These pens possess a timeless elegance.

Make an impression with customers

An executive business pen is an opportunity to market to potential customers, prospects and existing clients. Pens with refillable cartridges, from one of our quality brands, can result in a lifetime of exposure for your brand. This strategy is certainly an old one, but one that still holds weight in traditional business circles.

Our range of Executive pens

We stock an impressive range of Executive pens in well-known brands such as Parker, Waterman and Balmain. We stock classic fountain pens, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, bamboo pens and mechanical pencils, all of which can be beautifully engraved to your requirements. We can also personalise '2 in 1' Stylus pens. These pens double up as a handy stylus/touch pen for use on iPads and other touchscreens. Or why not choose from our quality personalised gifts sets which really make an impression on the recipient.

Before modern branding techniques had been developed, the best way to reflect you brand identity was to engrave your logo on your products. Pens with this level of customisation were often viewed as a symbol of respect, especially when supplied in a quality presentation box. This axiom still hold true today. Why not make an impression with potential clients or let existing customers know how much you appreciate their business.

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