Personalised Colour Print Pens

Colour Print Pens to Help Promote your Brand

National Pen offers colour printed pens to promote your business. The pen is an object that is used every day, all year long. Our colourful designs are sure to attract attention. Historically, effective marketing campaigns have used promotional pens as a business strategy to gain visibility over time. The pen is an important means of communication, often underestimated, and doesn’t just function as a writing instrument. By decorating with your logo, it will make you known to potential customers and prospects. The personalised pen is a marketing tool that works!

A wide choice of options

For any marketing campaign (including distributing customised pens) to be effective, you need to be different. National Pen offers you this with its wide selection of designs and the colours. While the chrome-trimmed models remain timeless, other models with colourful barrels also have their strengths. It all depends on the personality of your company and the nature of your target market. By choosing National Pen to make your coloured promotional pens, you'll be spoiled for choice! And our customer service staff is here to help you and provide professional advice if needed.

Advertising freebies and giveaways have always been crucial in promoting a brand or product. This is the case for calendars, mugs, t-shirts, etc., but the advantage of the pen is that it can be used at any time of the year and usually anywhere. Pens allow for a very extended exposure time for your brand and for this reason it’s important to give your desired customisation some serious consideration. In a way, they will reflect your brand image and ensure visibility to your company or product.

Whether you offer your pens a trade show or to partners, staff and customers as a way of showing gratitude and loyalty, they will help increase your brand awareness and also help your products or services to reach a wider customer base.

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